I think I’ve told this story a bunch of times but I don’t think I’ve ever written it down so here goes.

You might have heard this description:

The Pit of Success: in stark contrast to a summit, a peak, or a journey across a desert to find victory through…

Continuing the previous discussion with some more issues and followup.

This document focuses on tuning the VFS and running some additional experiments with lower level libraries.

Issue #11 : What factors are affecting IndexedDB performance the most?

What about deferred writes?

Consider the essential method in wa-sqlite/src/examples/IndexedDbVFS.js

_putBlock(store, file, index…

Sometimes people talk about making the Lab more like Production. Actually this is usually an anti-goal. That may sound surprising but consider this:


  • lots of users
  • lots of data samples
  • variable available memory
  • variable available disk
  • variable other things running on system
  • variable network quality
  • variable [other stuff]
  • metric goal…

I wanted to talk a little bit about securing C code, this came up a few weeks ago in a friendly twitter discussion and I said I would write something; so here it is.

Securing C is not an easy thing to do generally but we had pretty good success…

Rico Mariani

I’m a software engineer at Facebook; I specialize in software performance engineering and programming tools generally. I survived Microsoft from 1988 to 2017.

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