Career Advice for Anyone Who Cares To Listen

[Originally posted part 1 on Oct 9 and then part 2 on Nov 9 of 2014]

— — Part 1 — —

At the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing there are many attendees offering and looking for good advice. Dear friends among them. I read some, “inarticulate” responses earlier today and they prompted me to think of what advice I might offer. As I considered this I found myself thinking the same thoughts I always think when counselling people on how to have a good career. And so I offer these tidbits, trite as they may appear, in good faith, to all genders, religions, orientations, ages, and other demographics equally. I do this partly because it seems timely but also partly because I promised Emma Watson I would do something in the spirit of #heforshe even if she didn’t exactly hear me make that promise.

— — Part 2 — —

I wrote some career advice a few weeks ago now, those few points are largely distilled from talks I’ve given here at Microsoft over the years and those are in turn distilled from the various mentoring sessions I’ve given over the course of my career.

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I’m a software engineer at Facebook; I specialize in software performance engineering and programming tools generally. I survived Microsoft from 1988 to 2017.

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